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Animated Film is Ramping Up! "Shred Games: The Legend of RV"

Exciting news on the animated film front. After years of developing the world, characters, and screenplay, the RV animated film is fully packaged and ready for production. The title is "Shred Games: The Legend of RV." Toy Engine Studios is entertaining financing. Please contact Lynne Ruttkay for more information.

The development of the screenplay has gone through much refinement under the refining tutelage of Robert McKee, the insightful consulting of Steve Storm of ActOne, and the thoughtful genius of Mike Hill co-founder of Alien Workshop Skateboards, The rough concept art for the characters, sets, and props have been developed for this highly imaginative world in preparation for the outstanding team of artists that will bring these elements to completion.

Tadahiro Uesugi is confirmed as production designer. Mr. Uesugi won an Annie for Best Production Design for an Animated Feature in 2010 for Coraline. He also did the concept art for Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Luca(2021). He is a beautiful illustrator by trade, but since his award for Coraline, many American animators have sought after him.The Shred Games film will be the first animated film to actually use his had drawn illustrated set designs. This is very special.

The very talented Felicie Haymoz who is Wes Anderson’s character designer for Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs is refining and redesigning the character design. She has already begun working.

Internationally renown professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk, is confirmed for the voice over of “Proton” the world class unicycle trainer. Stuart Allan is confirmed for the part of RV. Stuart voices Robin in all 7 of the DC Batman animated films. He won an award for best youth voiceover in 2014. And the lovely Dana Gaier is confirmed to do the voice of Deluxe. Dana did the voice of Edith in all 3 Despicable Me films. She is grown into a lovely young woman and will play the part of 24 year old Deluxe in the film.

More to come.


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