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Introducing the RV DeckCreator

The “RV Deck Creator” was created with Adobe Flash Software. The interface is a fun way to create your own “RV the Racer Aardvark” Skateboard graphic. There are hundreds of combinations of deck designs that are possible to create. Users can see their creations in the “Art Show” and are able to share their designs with friends by sharing the url link to their design.

We are working on the app version of the RV Deck Creator for iOS and Android devices. And as we do, we would like to get your ideas and feedback on what kinds of things we can add to make the app even more fun for users than the flash interface. For example, one thought we have is to add the option to automatically post your skate graphic design on Instagram from your mobile device. We actually have been working on some added features that we will keep to ourselves until we launch, but we would love to hear suggestions from creative people, so please shoot us your ideas and comments. Click here to PLAY NOW!

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